Experiments of Living

by Philip Kitcher

Throughout recorded history, ethical ideas have usually been traced to authorities. Most of the supposed authorities have been religious people, typically men who have... Read More

Speaking Prose All Our Lives

by Rebecca Goldstein, 2011 Humanist of the Year

MONSIEUR JOURDAIN: Oh, really? So when I say: Nicole bring me my slippers and fetch my nightcap,” is that prose? PHILOSOPHY MASTER: Most clearly.... Read More

With Liberty & Justice for All

by John Shook

The world urgently needs more liberty and justice, and therefore more humanism. The ethical system of humanism prioritizes these ideals at a higher level... Read More

Colobus Conundrum

by Dawn Starin

No matter how deep I am in the forest, the sounds of humanity seep through, reminding me that the Abuko Nature Reserve in The... Read More

Done In by the Patriot Act The Grand Irony of the Petraeus Sex Scandal

by Dave Lindorff

There’s a delicious irony to the story of the crash-and-burn career of four-star general and former Central Intelligence Agency Director David Petraeus. The man... Read More

Little Room

by Nick Courtright

So much you can learn from such a small space. Imagine Emily. Kant, too. it leads one to believe that to know one life... Read More

Beyond the Box

by Rebecca Manski

The day after Hurricane Sandy flooded the lowlands of New York City, a flurry of media inquiries flooded the Occupy Wall Street PR team’s... Read More

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