The Humanist Hour #86: Dan Savage

by The Humanist Hour

A new episode of The Humanist Hour is available for listening. Keep reading to find out about the guest on this month's show. In... Read More

Godless Americana: Race and Religious Rebels

by Norm R. Allen Jr.

Sikivu Hutchinson is an author and activist who promotes a progressive—and aggressive—conception of humanism that is at once feminist, anti-racist, anti-homophobic, anti-classist, and anti-imperialist.... Read More

A Most Basic Human Right

by Nicolaos S. Tzannes

“It's the right to life!” Stamatis insisted, raising his voice in a deliberate display of pomposity. “What could be a more basic right than... Read More

Hysteria Alert Churches Fear They’ll Be Forced to Marry Same-Sex Couples

by Rob Boston

In June the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a key provision in the Defense of Marriage Act and dismissed, on technical grounds, a case... Read More

Preaching to the Nones How Two British Comedians Started a Popular Atheist Church (No Joke!)

Sarah Lee/ Eyevine/ Redux
by Becky Garrison

Upon entering a Sunday Assembly, held in historic York Hall in East London, one could easily assume that these gatherings are yet another attempt... Read More

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