Scientific Spirit How romantics and technophiles can reconcile our love-hate relationship with scientific progress

by Joseph Grosso

In March 2009 headlines blared across the front pages of New York’s Daily News that were at once stimulating, scary, and altogether predictable. Dr.... Read More

The Best Idea We’ve Had So Far

by Bill Nye

The following is adapted from Bill Nye’s speech in acceptance of the 2010 Humanist of the Year Award, presented at the 69th Annual Conference... Read More


by Jennifer Bardi

Confirmed: Bill Nye is our kind of guy. A science guy. An ethics guy. A wildly entertaining kind of guy (both comically and intellectually).... Read More

In Pursuit of the God Particle

by Phillip F. Schewe

The large hadron collider, the atom smasher sitting beneath Geneva, Switzerland, is the largest and most expensive scientific instrument ever built. On September 10,... Read More

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