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Inside the Walls: My Old Haunt

When I was a child, I loved going to haunted houses each October. In my town there was one in particular created in the basement of an old supermarket. No matter how many times I went... Read More

INSIDE THE WALLS | Reform 2.0: Love and Money

Officially the penitentiary has existed since the eighteenth century, although human beings have imprisoned one another since the beginning of recorded time. The concept of the penitentiary was invented by Pennsylvania Quakers who chose the word... Read More

INSIDE THE WALLS | These Words Unspoken

Dear Mom, I’ve known you forever. When I bring up some story about when I was born you like to joke, saying, “I know, I was there.” I was such an ugly baby. You loved me... Read More

INSIDE THE WALLS | By Any Other Name

"Of all the practices that dehumanize prisoners, calling them “one who offends” is by far the worst. It sets the tone and is a self-fulfilling prophecy." I used to think simply knowing a lot of statics... Read More

Rehabilitation Through Humansim

This is the first article under our new semi-regular column, “Inside the Walls,” featuring commentary and perspectives from incarcerated humanists. Most people who enter prison with a lengthy sentence quickly find God. I, on the other... Read More

BOOK EXCERPT | Nick Meets Earl

The following is an adapted excerpt from The Church of Exemptions: A Farce with Footnotes by Luis Granados (Humanist Press, February 25, 2019). The story follows Nick Fratelli, a young, underachieving government lawyer with an interest... Read More

Natural Disasters & the Humanist Response

LAST FALL THE UNITED STATES and the Caribbean were battered by three devastating, record-breaking hurricanes—Harvey in Texas and Louisiana, Irma in the Caribbean and Florida, and Maria in Puerto Rico and other Caribbean islands. The destructive... Read More