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Inside the Walls: Humanism in Prison

I never had more time to read since I've been in prison. I've always enjoyed reading, but I used to be too busy with work, home maintenance and spending time with my family. Here, we can't... Read More

INSIDE THE WALLS | Remember the Dakotas

Despite being a humanist for over fifteen years, my views can be misanthropic from time to time. For example, earlier this year I took part in an organized debate in my prison humanist group, the topic... Read More

Inside the Walls: My Old Haunt

When I was a child, I loved going to haunted houses each October. In my town there was one in particular created in the basement of an old supermarket. No matter how many times I went... Read More

INSIDE THE WALLS | Reform 2.0: Love and Money

Officially the penitentiary has existed since the eighteenth century, although human beings have imprisoned one another since the beginning of recorded time. The concept of the penitentiary was invented by Pennsylvania Quakers who chose the word... Read More