Patrick Hudson

Patrick Hudson is the former Communications Assistant at the American Humanist Association.

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A Dose of Dopamine, Round 8

Ignore his quibbling, unintelligible interview in the New York Times where the president-who-must-not-be-named claims that health insurance costs twelve dollars a year. Ignore it—I... Read More

Separation of Church and Sanity

As secularists, we face a barrage of attacks from evangelicals, ranging from us being “un-American” to “Satanic” to everything in between. In a recent... Read More

“Charitable” Conservatives

Conservative Christians love to talk about how the evil, godless secularists rarely do anything for charity. However, so many Christian charities are riddled with... Read More

Mourning with Manchester

After hearing reports of the explosion in Manchester last night, like many people my reaction was “not again.” No doubt extensive media coverage would... Read More