From the Editors: A note on Sarah Braasch

May 10, 2018 – We have removed Sarah Braasch’s article, “Original Intent” (published in 2009), after finding it racially offensive. The article was a commentary on the Puritanical dogma and religious tyranny in colonial America, making the case that our nation was founded on principles antithetical to such oppression. However, the author’s interjection that racism is a “silly” social construct renders this article out of step with our commitment to social justice and to the pressing need to be realistic about the racism that permeates our culture today. We regret not seeing this problem sooner and appreciate readers bringing it to our attention.

The Humanist published two articles from this author as an outside contributor (not a staff member or regular blogger). We regret that this material remained up as long as it did and appreciate its offensive content being brought to our attention.