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    I might add to thus exent discussion the very real sense of desperation among minority leaders to stem the genocidal tide of drugs and violence. As a teacher in the inner city schools of Birmingham, AL, I recall wandering into a forced revival being held during school hours for all the gang bangers. There was a consciousness of the illegality of this practice, but little remorse given the view that if one young man could be saved from the statistical herd, it might be worth the violation of church and state. I did not turn the administration in b/c I understood and, even as an athiest, agreed that …anything is better than nothing.

  3. Great Article. I have always looked for the words to describe why I went out on my own to form a Latino/Hispanic Atheist group and I think this sums it up nicely. There are specific challenges within out communities that make our situation unique and it takes different perspectives to adequately appreciate them as well as help those within our communities articulate better their own sentiments toward Atheism or that nagging feeling that something is amiss when they attend church!