Inspired by the “I Need Feminism” campaign, we’re starting one for humanism!

Why are you a humanist? Tell us, take a photo, and share it with the world on the American Humanist Association’s Tumblr page! Be open, honest, and creative! Take the photo at home, in the office, or outside!

Here’s how to participate:

1) Finish the sentence “I’m a Humanist because…”
2) Write the full sentence on a white piece of paper, in writing big enough to read
3) Take a picture of you holding the sign (best to use your cell phone if it has a camera)
4) Submit your picture at http://imahumanistbecause.tumblr.com/submit.

Your photo will automatically be uploaded on the AHA’s Tumblr page and shared with our followers. We’ll also share them on our Facebook page to encourage participation.

Submit your photo today!

Click to visit our I Am A Humanist... Tumblr!