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 The Humanist Hour

The Humanist Hour  is a one-hour talk show produced by the American Humanist Association. Every episode explores a different area of humanist thought, from politics to pop culture.

A typical episode features interviews, commentary, news, and music. Notable guests have included Bill Nye the Science Guy, Sir Salman Rushdie, Prof. Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, E.O. Wilson, Alan Dershowitz, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Andy Rooney, Greg Graffin of Bad Religion, Holly Near, Dar Williams and Julia Sweeney.

The Humanist Hour is hosted by Kim Ellington, Peggy Knudtson, and Jenn Wilson and produced by Stephanie Zvan.

The program can also be heard on Public Reality Radio, WPRR, 95.3 FM and 1680 AM, Grand Rapids, MI, and Williamsport Community Radio, WXPI, 88.5 FM, Williamsport, PA.

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Humanist Hour Staff

Kim EllingtonKim Ellington is a secular activist and lifelong atheist originally from New Hampshire. She now lives in North Carolina, working to separate church and state. She is on the Board of Directors for the Triangle Freethought Society, which is the local chapter of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, as well as the Board of Camp Quest South Carolina, and serves as secretary for the Secular Coalition for North Carolina. She is a longtime member of the American Humanist Association, as well as a Humanist Celebrant, and mother of a wonderful, skeptical and inquisitive pre-teen daughter. The work she does in the freethought and civil rights movement is to make the world a more reasonable place for her daughter and all future generations.


knudtson_peggyPeggy Knudtson holds a degree in Applied Behavioral Science from the University of Kansas and spent her early career working in the nonprofit field as an instructor and a volunteer coordinator. She was the Vice President of the Great Plains Chapter of Americans United for Separation of Church and State for six years. Peggy and her spouse have raised three children and she spends much of her free time now actively involved in the freethought community and volunteering for projects concerning church state separation. Raised in a religious household, she became a Humanist in her late 30’s. She is currently a secular celebrant and can be found at her Facebook page, “It’s Just Love.”  Peggy is dedicated to the idea that through logic and reason humans can find a way forward toward a more just and compassionate society for everyone.


wilson_jennJenn Wilson has spent a lifetime indulging her curiosity and pondering difficult questions. As a writer and educator, she’s passionate about critical thinking, reason, separation of church and state, art, physics, evolutionary biology, space stuff, dinosaurs, gratitude, and the pursuit of common ground. She lives in Illinois with her family.


zvan_stephanieStephanie Zvan is a long-time volunteer for Minnesota Atheists. She is one of the hosts of their Atheists Talk radio show, former associate president, lobbyist, and conference organizer. She’s a co-founder of Secular Women Work, a project to provide activist training through workshops and standalone conferences. She’s also a speaker and writer on a broad variety of geeky and Humanist topics. She blogs at Almost Diamonds on The Orbit network, of which she’s one of the founding members. She’s been known to be just a little bit scrappy.