Humanist Trek

Humanist Trek is a weekly fan podcast about the humanism in Star Trek. Sarah Ray and Allie Ashmead slingshot around the sun back to the 1960's and the very first pilot episode of Star Trek,... Read More

Playlist for Black Futures

As a resident music nerd at the American Humanist Association (AHA), I’ve been invited to compile a playlist for our Black Futures programing for February. This is a complex task, as there’s SO MUCH music... Read More

Classical Music’s Humanist Strands

The creative impulse is inspired by a multitude of experiences. Music has long served as an outlet of that creativity. In virtually every culture, music has been a key component to humanity’s expression of love,... Read More

Review: Pray Away Documentary

The documentary Pray Away (now streaming on Netflix) demonstrates the immense power of religious belief and its ability to destroy people's lives. It follows survivors of conversion therapy and leaders from Exodus International, an organization created to... Read More