Let Children Watch LGBTQ+ Stories

Television, movies, and streaming services provide an endless supply of great LGBTQ+ storytelling. Along with new premieres, we can access older materials and see how representation has grown (see A History of LGBTQ+ Representation in... Read More

Film Review: Free Solo

The cinematography alone is reason for an unacquainted viewer to see the 2018 climbing documentary Free Solo. The film documents thirty-three-year-old American climber Alex Honnold’s pilgrimage to climb El Capitan: the 3,000-foot vertical sheer granite... Read More

Film Review: 22 July

Seven years ago—on July 22, 2011—Anders Behring Brevik ignited a car bomb in front of a government building in Oslo, Norway. He then traveled to the island of Utøya, where Norway's Labor Party was hosting... Read More