Film Review: The Birth of a Nation

For those Christians who gave the subject much thought at the time, the American Civil War was perceived as a crisis of theology. Crusaders campaigning to abolish the social evil of slavery and apologists invested... Read More

Film Review: Snowden

“Secrecy is security and security is victory.” So says the main antagonist in Oliver Stone’s begrudgingly anticipated political thriller, Snowden. Unsurprisingly, the secrecy he speaks of is not the citizens’ secrecy from their government, but... Read More

Film Review: Star Trek Beyond

Note: This review contains some plot spoilers. This weekend Star Trek Beyond, the third installment of the rebooted Star Trek movie franchise, beamed its way onto the big screens, clinching the top spot for the... Read More

Film Review: God’s Not Dead 2

One of the main indicators of bad writing is that the reader has to do a lot of the envisioning but very little of the moralizing. Dickens perhaps didn’t give much effort in his novels to... Read More

Secular Humanism in Films

In her essay, “The Humanist Approach to Film: My Brilliant Career,” author and Eastern Michigan University lecturer Coralie Cederna Johnson writes that “everyone seeing a film for the first time makes a value judgment, even... Read More