Film Review: Pride Pride for Pits and Perverts

“I’m the only gay in the village” is the most memorable line of British comic Matt Lucas’s character, Daffyd Thomas, in the mid-2000s sketch-comedy series Little Britain. Quite possibly what made Daffyd’s character so funny... Read More

I Loved Lucy (Spoiler Alert: This sci‒fi film contains both science and fiction!)

Despite impressive box office numbers, mixed reviews suggest not everyone’s crazy about Luc Besson’s new film Lucy. A Rotten Tomatoes audience score of 48 percent isn’t what you’d expect from a sci-fi movie about brain... Read More

Film Review: Kidnapped for Christ

Does your child ever lie or have anxiety issues? Does your child often get into fights? Perhaps you are worried that your child might be gay. Well, all of these “troubling conditions” are curable if... Read More

Film Review: Obvious Child

As a groundbreaking indie romantic comedy about abortion, Gillian Robespiere’s Obvious Child has provoked both praise and criticism. Blogs such as Jezebel have applauded the film for its straightforward approach to a controversial subject. However,... Read More

Film Review: Edge of Tomorrow

Aliens have invaded earth. A hesitant hero teams up with a battle hardened veteran to rescue humanity. They save the day! Insert a romantic subplot and lots of futuristic weaponry and CGI explosions and you’ve... Read More