Film Review: Obvious Child

As a groundbreaking indie romantic comedy about abortion, Gillian Robespiere’s Obvious Child has provoked both praise and criticism. Blogs such as Jezebel have applauded the film for its straightforward approach to a controversial subject. However,... Read More

Film Review: Edge of Tomorrow

Aliens have invaded earth. A hesitant hero teams up with a battle hardened veteran to rescue humanity. They save the day! Insert a romantic subplot and lots of futuristic weaponry and CGI explosions and you’ve... Read More

A Belle with a Lot on the Ball

The words “based on the inspiring true story” roll nicely off the tongue, but when little is known of that true story beyond a painting, a few diary references, and some prominent court cases, creative... Read More

Aronofsky and the Greens The creators of "Noah" join environmental leaders to discuss art and activism

The Center for American Progress in Washington, DC, brought art and politics together Wednesday in hosting an intriguing panel discussion titled, “Noah and the Nexus of Faith and Environmentalism.” As I’m sure you’ve heard, Noah... Read More