Aronofsky and the Greens The creators of "Noah" join environmental leaders to discuss art and activism

The Center for American Progress in Washington, DC, brought art and politics together Wednesday in hosting an intriguing panel discussion titled, “Noah and the Nexus of Faith and Environmentalism.” As I’m sure you’ve heard, Noah... Read More

Oh Noah, It’s Unbiblical!

There are those who love all mythology equally: Greek, Norse, Celtic, Chinese, Indian, African, New World, Middle Eastern, and so on. For these folks, biblical mythology is unexceptional: it’s just as unbelievable and just as... Read More

Her Written and directed by Spike Jonze

We’ve all wondered at one point or another—in the aggravating moment when our GPS fails, or when our smartphone’s battery dies—are we becoming overly dependent on technology? Writer-director Spike Jonze takes this question a step... Read More