Luis Granados, Rules Are for Schmucks

granados_sqRules Are for Schmucks explores the many ways in which God experts get away with ignoring the legal rules and societal norms that apply to the rest of us.

Rachel Deitch, On the Hill

The American Humanist Association’s Policy and Social Justice Manager offers in-depth analysis on the latest happenings in Washington, DC and potential effects to the humanist community.

Humanist EDge

InstituteFacebookThe Humanist EDge is a new column written by graduates of The Humanist Institute’s educational leadership program.

Luis Granados, Ahead of the Curve


“Ahead of the Curve” is a new column exploring how humanists should begin thinking about the enormous changes bound to disrupt our twenty-first century world.

Greta Christina, Fierce Humanism

christina_sqGreta Christina brings forthright and illuminating wisdom–call it her fierceness–to important issues affecting humanists, and offers solid ideas for living a happy, productive, godless life.

Rob Boston, Church & State

boston_sqRob Boston’s been staking out the intersection of church and state for close to thirty years, ticketing Establishment Clause violators with biting aplomb.

David Niose, Court Watch

niose_sqDavid Niose examines legal challenges across the country and how their decisions can impact the separation of church and state.