Willoughbyland: England’s Lost Colony

BOOK BY MATTHEW PARKER THOMAS DUNNE BOOKS/ST. MARTIN'S PRESS, 2017 304 PP.; $26.99 Were North America's original thirteen British colonies the first ones relinquished by their mighty mother country? Most Americans probably smugly believe that’s... Read More

The Kingstone Bible

BOOKS EDITED BY ART A. AYRIS KINGSTONE COMICS, 2016 2,053 PP. IN THREE VOLUMES, $74.99 ONE OF MY CHILDHOOD memories of United Presbyterian Sunday school is the fun I had reading full-color comics telling Bible... Read More


BY IAN MCEWAN NAN A. TALESE / DOUBLEDAY 2016 197 PP.; $24.95 THE PROTAGONIST and first-person chronicler of the British writer Ian McEwan’s new novel Nutshell is quite the worldly fellow: eloquent, erudite, cultured, an... Read More

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