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TheHumanist.com is the daily online news site of the American Humanist Association. Founded in 2014 upon the merger of the American Humanist Association’s weekly e-zine Humanist Network News and the website of the Humanist magazine, TheHumanist.com is the online hub for news, politics, science, and culture from a humanist perspective. TheHumanist.com serves as a general-interest website for humanists, atheists, freethinkers, secularists, religious progressives, and the nonreligious.

The Humanist is the award-winning bimonthly print magazine published by the American Humanist Association. Founded in 1927 as the New Humanist magazine, it became the Humanist in 1941 under the editorship of Edwin H. Wilson. With a distinguished cadre of writers covering everything from science and religion to media and technology to politics and popular culture, the Humanist continues to challenge readers with insightful ethical critique and commentary on the central issues of our time. Prominent writers have included Christopher Hitchens, Gloria Steinem, Ralph Nader, Joyce Carol Oates, Richard Dawkins, and others.

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The American Humanist Association
Rebecca Hale, President
Roy Speckhardt, Executive Director

Senior Editor
Jennifer Bardi

Managing Editor
Peter Bjork

Contributing Editors
Fred Edwords
Dr. Daniel Thomas Moran
Clay Farris Naff
Emily Newman
Joan Reisman-Brill

Staff Writers
Matthew Bulger
Nicole Carr
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We accept unsolicited, simultaneous submissions as well as queries. Though learning about humanism is useful for authors, the best way to know the sort of material we publish is to read the site. Please also note that timely articles are more likely to be published than general philosophical articles.

In addition to news, politics, and science reporting, we consider humor, poetry, short fiction, and cartoons. Length varies but in general we do not publish articles over 2,000 words at TheHumanist.com. All submissions should include full contact information (address, phone, e-mail) as well as a brief two- or three-sentence biographical statement about the author, and a headshot photo.

Email manuscripts to write@thehumanist.com.

When submitting material to the Humanist, please be aware of the following facts:

  • The Humanist is a non-profit magazine of opinion.
  • The opinions voiced in the Humanist do not necessarily reflect those of the editors or publisher.
  • The editors receive a significant volume of submissions and cannot respond to all of them.
  • Some submissions may need to be circulated for peer review before a decision can be made.
  • Due to the volume of mail received, the editors regretfully cannot offer individual critique or explanations as to the grounds for a given rejection.

*When submitting material please specify if you are submitting for consideration at TheHumanist.com, the Humanist magazine, or both. For writers guidelines pertaining specifically to the Humanist magazine, go here.


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Got a breaking news tip? An idea for a story? Please tell us about it! Some of our best articles have come from readers like you. If you wish to remain anonymous, just let us know, and your personal information will be kept confidential.

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Articles that appear on TheHumanist.com are available for republishing, but please attribute all work to the proper author and include a link to the original article. If you would like to republish any articles that appear on TheHumanist.com, please contact Peter Bjork, managing editor, at pbjork@americanhumanist.org.


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TheHumanist.com is open to any and all readers interested in news, politics, and culture from a humanist perspective. Our blog comment hosting service is provided by Disqus.

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