White Privilege and Humanist Leadership

As progressives, humanists are a feisty, opinionated lot. My new book, The Best of the Humanist: 
Humanist Philosophy 1928–1973, shows this to be true from the beginning of the movement. For example, a contested question... Read More

Dance with the Donald What Evangelicals’ Infatuation with Trump Portends for Religion in America

With Donald J. Trump in the White House, conservative white evangelicals have never had it so good. Trump picked one of their own as his vice president, grants their media special favored access, and gives... Read More

Checking Humanism’s Privilege and Pulse An Interview with Sincere Kirabo

Sincere Kirabo has a background in social science and his critiques of social issues have been published in various media outlets, including the Humanist, Black Youth Project, the Establishment, and 
Everyday Feminism. In May 2017... Read More


The secular community is having a #MeToo moment. 
Some say it’s about time. Others say not so fast. In 1915 the American suffragist and writer Alice Duer Miller published a slim and delightful book of... Read More

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