The Speed of Thought What the Revolution in Neuroscience Will Mean for Humanism

WE FIND OURSELVES amidst a revolution in neuroscience—the new neuroscience, if you will. In the United States the most visible face of this new science is the BRAIN initiative (Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies)... Read More

Make America Kind Again

DID YOU SEE Donald Trump’s victory coming? I sure as hell didn’t. That Hillary Clinton would lose to a guy who says things like “My words are the best” seemed so improbable that last summer... Read More

Science & Religion in the Rough Why human evolution and the multitude of extrasolar planets complicate the idea that we are special

Jared Diamond is the author of five best-selling books about human societies and human evolution, which have been translated into thirty-eight languages. 1991’s The Third Chimpanzee is his first book, followed by the 1997 Pulitzer... Read More

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