The One-Way Quest

“Does a flower blooming in an uninhabited wood have no value?” —Lyle L. Simpson (2011) At embarkation, the Jovian Explorer had a crew of ten. Three months into the journey, the crew was reduced to... Read More


Growing up in another valley so far away as to be a different country—growing taller and growing leaner but somehow never wiser—between mountains the mining outfit was slowly carving up, slowly carting away, I can... Read More

EXCERPT: A Religion Called Love

Adored by her twenty young students, Kathryn James is a young kindergarten teacher whose good intentions were never meant to be controversial—yet controversy follows her at school and home, even posthumously, when a manuscript titled... Read More


BRIAN OPENED the newspaper and stared at the lead story, then spilled his morning coffee across the table. He swore loudly. His wife called from the bedroom but he didn’t answer and continued to read,... Read More

The Cyclist

Dale glanced down at his legs as they spun the pedals of his aluminum road bike. Tiny beads of frost clung to the dark hairs on his calves. His deep breaths exploded steam into the... Read More

A Most Basic Human Right

“It's the right to life!” Stamatis insisted, raising his voice in a deliberate display of pomposity. “What could be a more basic right than that? Even if you conceived of one, how could you enjoy... Read More

The Age of Barbaria

Translated by Bruce Campbell Annual trips back to the year 33 began in the Age of Barbaria. That year was selected because, according to surveys, Christ’s crucifixion drew the attention of most Westerners, and this... Read More