Their Ship Didn’t Come In How Faith in Noah’s Ark May Have Sunk a County Budget

A full-sized replica of the biblical Noah’s ark dominates the landscape near Williamstown, Kentucky. It is the centerpiece of the Ark Encounter theme park, built and operated by the young Earth creationist organization Answers in... Read More

Towards a Post-Lies Future Fighting "Alternative Facts" and "Post-Truth" Politics

  DONALD TRUMP is our first post-truth president. And he may well be the first of many. The Oxford Dictionaries website chose “post-truth” as its 2016 word of the year, in large part due to... Read More

The New Secular Moment

IT'S BEEN A DECADE since the Four Horsemen of the New Atheism jolted the public conversation about religion and emboldened a growing population of nonbelievers. Sam Harris’s book The End of Faith, Daniel Dennett’s Breaking... Read More

Fundamentalism on Trial How Twelve Claims of the Christian Right Fail under Strict Secular Scrutiny

THE EMINENT University of Chicago historian Daniel Boorstin identified American humanism as the defining characteristic of the nation, which is the legacy of Thomas Jefferson and the entirely secular US Constitution. The real menace to... Read More

The Speed of Thought What the Revolution in Neuroscience Will Mean for Humanism

WE FIND OURSELVES amidst a revolution in neuroscience—the new neuroscience, if you will. In the United States the most visible face of this new science is the BRAIN initiative (Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies)... Read More

Make America Kind Again

DID YOU SEE Donald Trump’s victory coming? I sure as hell didn’t. That Hillary Clinton would lose to a guy who says things like “My words are the best” seemed so improbable that last summer... Read More

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