The Making of a Modern Pilgrim

The Camino de Santiago is a pilgrimage like no other, defying conventional wisdom about what constitutes a pilgrim, and about the supposedly unavoidable schism between religion and humanism. THE CAMINO DE SANTIAGO across the mighty... Read More

Seven Days in Cuba

THE ISLAND OF CUBA and its circumstances, both presently and historically, are not easy subjects. The effect Cuba has had on the United States and its politics goes back more than two centuries, but perhaps... Read More

On Policies and Purple

On May 27, 2017, The Humanist Institute hosted an all-day symposium at the First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis titled “Social Justice: Addressing the Narrative of Fear,” which included individual remarks and panel discussions with humanist,... Read More

Humanist Goals Confessions of a Major League Soccer Ultra

I USED TO SCOFF when I heard sports commentators glorify a team’s supporters by saying things like, “Football is a religion for [team name here] fans.” How, I thought, is that an advertisement for them?... Read More

The Houston Riot of 1917 A Century after 13 Black Soldiers Were Executed, Relatives Still Seeking Justice

The streets of Houston down which rioting black soldiers marched 100 years ago are now inevitably gentrified with lovely looking houses, as residents—almost all white—walk their dogs and relax in the Texas sun. Where the... Read More