Humanism’s Vulnerable Human

WHILE A NOBEL PRIZE-winning intellectual favored by many academics, the North African Albert Camus also wrote of existential circumstances of war and want that tapped into life conditions experienced by and of concern to a... Read More

Healthy Humanism and Ethical Wellness

IN THE MIDST of a global health crisis, one might ask: What could health and wellness have to do with living moral lives? That idea might sound counterintuitive; stern morality suggests the opposite of flexible... Read More

Inspiration during a Quarantine

As the American Humanist Association has switched to near-total telework (big shout-out to staff who have been handling mail!), AHA staffers have been checking in with each other in various ways. Here we share stories... Read More

Why Read?

BOOK READERS must seem all the same to non-book readers. Just another hobby group, like soccer fans or bridge players. I experienced this prejudice firsthand a few years ago. A friend of mine and his... Read More