From the Slaughter Vonnegut on War and the Book That Made Him Famous

KURT VONNEGUT, age twenty-two, was in a meat locker deep underground with several dozen fellow American prisoners of war, a few guards, and scores of dressed animal cadavers. Above, a beautiful German city was destroyed... Read More

Lots of Love: Exploring Polyamory in Portland

FROM HBO’s popular polygamist drama Big Love to Showtime’s two-season reality show Polyamory: Married & Dating, tales of copulating outside of coupledom offer a titillating yet often forbidden universe—an apple left unbitten on the tree... Read More

BOOK EXCERPT | Nick Meets Earl

The following is an adapted excerpt from The Church of Exemptions: A Farce with Footnotes by Luis Granados (Humanist Press, February 25, 2019). The story follows Nick Fratelli, a young, underachieving government lawyer with an... Read More

Can Humanism Overcome Hate?

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA, a city once known for steel mills, bootlegging, and brawls, has earned the right to feel proud again. Among its points of pride has been a declining homicide rate: in 2017 the number... Read More