Secular Suffragists

Religion has long played a powerful role in the subjugation of women. As humanists who champion human agency, including the freedom of and from religion, we have chosen to highlight several suffragists who vocally challenged the... Read More

What a Tiny Virus Can Teach Us Deep Truths Unearthed by a Pandemic

"WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER." If a pandemic can be said to have a slogan, this was surely it. Please, don’t take my word for it. Let’s ask Google. As a search term, “together” drifted... Read More

Beyond the Battlefield Moral Injuries and the Pandemic

Research in America is parsing the depths of psychological trauma, revealing invisible injuries beyond the traditional diagnosis of PTSD. This has important applications for healthcare workers caught up in the COVID-19 pandemic. Amid myriad tragic... Read More

Humanism’s Vulnerable Human

WHILE A NOBEL PRIZE-winning intellectual favored by many academics, the North African Albert Camus also wrote of existential circumstances of war and want that tapped into life conditions experienced by and of concern to a... Read More