Fighting Post-Truth

Excerpted from Post-Truth by Lee McIntyre, published by The MIT Press, March 2018. Copyright: 2018 Massachusetts Institute of Technology. All rights reserved.   “We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the... Read More

Paranoia and the Pursuit of Happiness

At a cocktail party recently, I met an unemployed mathematician/computer programmer. We talked about real estate, and then she told me how she’d gotten rid of a squirrel that was nesting in her attic, but... Read More

Finding Clara Barton

On the day before Thanksgiving, 1994, the US General Services Administration sent one of its staff carpenters, a man named Richard Lyons, to check out a block of vacant buildings it had acquired on a... Read More

Featured Survey: Understanding Nontheistic Communities Measuring the wellbeing and attitudes of nontheistic people who belong to communities.

A note from the AHA Executive Director Roy Speckhardt: I hope you'll participate in this important study with the potential to dispel negative myths about humanists and other nontheists. My name is Dennis Apker and... Read More