Rules Are for Schmucks: The Privilege Zone

Last week’s Atlantic featured religion writer Emma Green’s five-thousand-word homage to RLUIPA: the federal statute that undercuts the neutrality of every local zoning code in the country by mandating a jaw-dropping preference for religious institutions.... Read More

In Defense of Trump’s Tweets… or Not

Both supporters and opponents of President Donald Trump often say his frequent tweets are not “presidential,” a poorly defined word. I don’t think presidents must always follow presidential tradition. For example, I’m pleased that Theodore... Read More

Joshua and Pruitt Prepare a New Jericho

It’s no secret that Donald Trump’s administration is not friendly to science.  It’s also no secret that his White House is friendly to evangelical Christians. Recently, these two issues came together when Scott Pruitt, the... Read More

A Golden Age of Science

The other day I happened to watch a video of the Young Earth creationist Ken Hovind asserting that there is no known way the universe can generate uranium. Of course, he rushes through a litany... Read More

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