The Fundamentals

BOOK BY LYDIA GORDON The Fundamentals, by Lydia Gordon, explores the influence of fundamentalist religion on a small-town community, told through the perspectives of three women. Alexa Moss is a humanist, an architect, and a... Read More

Behaving Decently: Kurt Vonnegut’s Humanism

BOOK BY WAYNE LAUFERT HUMANIST PRESS, 2022 In Kurt Vonnegut’s most famous novel, Slaughterhouse-Five (1969), the protagonist, Billy Pilgrim, has become “unstuck in time,” moving uncontrollably between various periods and places in his life—primarily three:... Read More

On Death, Dying, and Disbelief

BOOK BY CANDACE GORHAM PITCHSTONE PUBLISHING, 2021 As humans, most of us—especially after the last couple of pandemic years—have experienced the loss of a loved one. As humanists, we know how difficult it can be... Read More