Ahead of the Curve: Break Up Google?

I’ve given my life to Google. I use Google’s search feature, its browser, its videos, its operating system, its calendar, its contacts, its flight reservations, its news organizer, its step counter, its heart-rate monitor, its... Read More

Ahead of the Curve: AI vs. Bias

Every now and then an idea comes along that’s so elegant, so obvious (at least in hindsight), that I want to smack my forehead and exclaim, “Why didn’t I think of that? I could have... Read More

Ahead of the Curve: Who Should Censor?

The ideal of “free speech” notwithstanding, some speech should be censored. Rules should attempt to prevent it from occurring, and/or punishment should be meted out if it occurs. Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes’s hypothetical of shouting... Read More