Fighting Post-Truth

Excerpted from Post-Truth by Lee McIntyre, published by The MIT Press, March 2018. Copyright: 2018 Massachusetts Institute of Technology. All rights reserved.   “We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the... Read More

Paranoia and the Pursuit of Happiness

At a cocktail party recently, I met an unemployed mathematician/computer programmer. We talked about real estate, and then she told me how she’d gotten rid of a squirrel that was nesting in her attic, but... Read More

Finding Clara Barton

On the day before Thanksgiving, 1994, the US General Services Administration sent one of its staff carpenters, a man named Richard Lyons, to check out a block of vacant buildings it had acquired on a... Read More

Featured Survey: Understanding Nontheistic Communities Measuring the wellbeing and attitudes of nontheistic people who belong to communities.

A note from the AHA Executive Director Roy Speckhardt: I hope you'll participate in this important study with the potential to dispel negative myths about humanists and other nontheists. My name is Dennis Apker and... Read More

The Monster Hijacking Human Minds

DEEP IN THE SWELTERING jungles of the Amazon, embedded within bird droppings, are eggs belonging to a nematode worm known as Myrmeconema neotropicum. Soon, ants from the species Cephalotes atratus will come along and take... Read More