Invisible No Longer Politically Empowering the Humanist and Atheist Communities

A discussion with: Lily Bolourian, AHA Legal and Policy Director; Sarah Levin, founder of Secular Strategies; and Ron Millar, Political and PAC Coordinator at the Center for Freethought Equality This text is excerpted from a... Read More

More Light Than Heat The Importance of Education in Coping with Climate Change

The Climate Book, a massive anthology compiled by Greta Thunberg—the young Swedish environmental activist who won global fame after she launched her School Strike for Climate in 2018—offers a compendious treatment of climate change. Its... Read More

For Further Reading

The best discussion of climate change education for the general reader is Katie Worth’s Miseducation: How Climate Change is Taught in America (Columbia Global Reports 2021), a meticulously researched and vividly written discussion of the... Read More

Is It Time to Talk About Reparations? Humanism Beyond Inclusion

FROM TIME TO TIME, I’ll receive emails and calls from humanists and atheists thanking me for my work—and in those short exchanges I’m often told that I am an important new voice advancing humanism. While... Read More

Everyday Humanist Hero: Bryon Pavlacka’s series Everyday Humanist Heroes celebrates our movement’s group organizers, activists, support staff, and volunteers making a difference in their communities. Who do you want to celebrate? Bryon Pavlacka is an everyday humanist hero because he... Read More