Everyday Humanist Hero: Aleta Ledendecker

TheHumanist.com’s series Everyday Humanist Heroes celebrates our movement’s group organizers, activists, support staff, and volunteers making a difference in their communities. Who do you want to celebrate? Aleta Ledendecker and I met in March 2018, when... Read More

Journeys to Humanism: Becoming an Arab Humanist

Journeys to Humanism, theHumanist.com’s regular series, features real stories from humanists in our community. From heartwarming narratives of growth, to more difficult journeys, our readers open up about their experiences coming to humanism. Nohad Nassif... Read More

Vonnegut and Jefferson and Jesus

WE ARE NEARING another Indendence Day, for which much of the credit goes to Thomas Jefferson, a progenitor of modern American democracy. A bit farther away is another occasion worth noting. This November 11 marks... Read More