About the Humanist Magazine

The Humanist magazine applies humanism—a rational philosophy without theism or other supernatural beliefs that is informed by science, guided by reason, inspired by art, and motivated by compassion—to broad areas of social, political, and personal concern. The magazine functions to educate those new to humanism and to challenge longtime humanists. It seeks to provide a wide range of material that strives for ethical cohesion while also exploring where humanists diverge—not to further divide but to air, discuss, elucidate, and continually refine humanism.

In pursuit of alternative ideas, the Humanist airs opinions that may not necessarily reflect those of the editors or the publisher, the American Humanist Association (AHA). The AHA is a membership organization founded in 1941 whose history can be traced back to 1927, when professors and seminarians at the University of Chicago organized the Humanist Fellowship, and began publishing the New Humanist magazine. By 1935 the Humanist Fellowship had become the Humanist Press Association, replacing the New Humanist with the Humanist Bulletin. The Humanist Press Association reorganized itself in 1941 as the American Humanist Association and began printing the Humanist magazine under the editorship of Edwin H. Wilson. (Read about former editors at the bottom of this page and click here for more on the AHA).

With a distinguished cadre of writers covering everything from science and religion to media and technology to politics and popular culture, the Humanist continues to challenge readers with insightful ethical critique and commentary on the central issues of our time.

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The Editor

Jennifer Bardi

Born and raised in Southern California, Jennifer Bardi (pronouns: she/her | what’s this?) came to the Humanist with an educational background in the humanities and a career in science communications. She holds a BA in comparative literature, an MFA in creative writing, and spent eleven years as a writer, editor, and program director at The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California. Having long identified with the humanist philosophy, Bardi is honored to continue the Humanist`s distinguished tradition of publishing insightful and socially conscious commentary on issues central to both humanists and their times.

Contact Information:
Phone: (202) 238-9088
Fax: (202) 238-9003
E-mail: editor@thehumanist.org

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Contributing Editors:

Fred Edwords, Karen Ann Gajewski, David Schafer, Michael Werner


Editorial Advisory Board:

Daniel Dennett, Michelle Goldberg, Wendy Kaminer, Marty Klein, Marvin Kohl, Joyce Carol Oates, Steven Pinker, Robert Price, Peter Singer



Science & Religion Correspondent
Clay Farris Naff

Arts Editor
Daniel Thomas Moran

Copy Editor
Rachel Gillett

Bookkeeper, Member/Subscriber Services, Reprint Permissions
Joaquin Cabrejas



The Humanist Magazine
1821 Jefferson Place NW
Washington, DC 20036

Phone: (202) 238-9088
Fax: (202) 238-9003
E-mail: info@thehumanist.org

Former Editors

The Humanist

Jennifer Bardi, Nov/Dec 2006 – Present
Fred Edwords, Nov/Dec 1994 – Sept/Oct 2006
Gerry O’Sullivan and Rick Szyknowy, Nov/Dec 1993 – Sept/Oct 1994
Don Page, Jan/Feb 1993 – Sept/Oct 1993
Rick Szyknowy, Jan/Feb 1991 – Nov/Dec 1992
David Alexander, Sept/Oct 1990 – Nov/Dec 1991
Lloyd Morain, Jan/Feb 1979 – Jul/Aug 1990
Lloyd Morain (acting editor Paul Kurtz’s sabbatical), March/April to Sept/Oct 1978
Paul Kurtz, Sept/Oct 1967 – Nov/Dec 1978 (but see above)
Tolbert H. McCarroll (Editorial Director) Jan/Feb 1965 – July/Aug 1967
Judith Yellen (Managing Editor), Jan/Feb 1965 – Jan/Feb 1967
Edwin H. Wilson, July/Aug 1963 – Nov/Dec 1964
Gerald Wendt, June 1959 – May/June 1962
Priscilla Robertson, May/June 1956 – March/April 1959
Edwin H. Wilson, Spring 1941 – March/April 1956


The Humanist Bulletin

Edwin H. Wilson, Feb 1938 – Jan 1941


The New Humanist

Raymond B. Bragg, Feb/March 1935 – Autumn 1936
Harold Buschman, Dec 1929 – Dec 1934
Herrlee G. Creel, Nov 1928 – May 1929
Stanley Stewart Newman, April 1928 – Oct 1928