Justice-Centered Humanism

BY ROY SPECKHARDT PITCHSTONE PUBLISHING, 2021 As is true for so many nonfiction works, it’s the subtitle that’s pivotal in explaining what the title only suggests. In the end, Roy Speckhardt’s Justice-Centered Humanism is a... Read More

A Thousand Brains

BY JEFF HAWKINS BASIC BOOKS, 2021 Many of us wonder at how our brains work—and we are often even more puzzled about how the brains of other people work. Jeff Hawkins’ new book, A Thousand... Read More

Humanists in the Hood

BY SIKIVU HUTCHINSON PITCHSTONE PUBLISHING, 2020 While growing up as a precocious young girl in South Los Angeles, Sikivu Hutchinson observed startling misogyny, racism, religious bigotry, economic injustice, housing inequality, and other forms of injustice... Read More

The Scientific Spirit of American Humanism

BOOK BY STEPHEN P. WELDON JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY PRESS, 2020 Stephen P. Weldon’s book, which originated with his 1997 doctoral dissertation and is part of the publisher’s series Medicine, Science, and Religion in Historical Context,... Read More