Another Earth

Most people have a mistake in life they would like forgiven: a petty theft, cheating on a lover, a lie that sprawled and webbed like a net forever hovering nearby. For Rhoda, the main character... Read More

Movie Review: In God We Teach

The new documentary film In God We Teach exposes the details of a prominent church-state separation incident at a public school in New Jersey to outline the difficulties in answering the general question: how should... Read More

The Humanist Interview with Andrea Steele Founder and Executive Director of the Freethought Film Festival Foundation

The first annual International Freethought Film Festival was held Friday, May 13, through Sunday, May 15, 2011, at the historic Tampa Theatre in sunny Tampa, Florida. The event was the brainchild of writer Andrea Steele,... Read More

Real to Reel Ten Classics in Humanist Cinema

UNIVERSAL CITY, CA—Cameras were flashing February 18, 2011, as men and women in elegant tuxedos and beautiful gowns rose to accept their awards for last year’s crop of films. No, it wasn’t the Academy Awards.... Read More