Film Review: Arrival

Arrival has the remarkable qualities of all Denis Villeneuve’s films, which include Prisoners and Enemy (both released in 2013), and last year’s Sicario. Its cinematography is brilliant, the acting is second only to the superior performances one finds... Read More

Film Review: Before the Flood A More Inconvenient Truth

This summer marked the ten-year anniversary of Al Gore’s groundbreaking climate change documentary An Inconvenient Truth, and a pertinent reminder of the climate catastrophe arrived on National Geographic this week in the form of actor... Read More

Film Review: The Birth of a Nation

For those Christians who gave the subject much thought at the time, the American Civil War was perceived as a crisis of theology. Crusaders campaigning to abolish the social evil of slavery and apologists invested... Read More

Film Review: Snowden

“Secrecy is security and security is victory.” So says the main antagonist in Oliver Stone’s begrudgingly anticipated political thriller, Snowden. Unsurprisingly, the secrecy he speaks of is not the citizens’ secrecy from their government, but... Read More