Film Review: First Reformed

How many sins can a person commit in the name of a righteous cause before the sins outweigh the cause? This is the central moral question of Paul Schrader’s new film, First Reformed. In secular terms,... Read More

Film Review: Avengers: Infinity War

Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War is the culmination of ten years and eighteen movies of narrative build-up. The Marvel cinematic universe won’t end with part two of Infinity War, which comes out next year, but this... Read More

Film Review: Ready Player One

Ready Player One suffers from the same flaws as the eponymous novel it's based on (written by Ernest Cline)—awful dialogue, lifeless characters, and the dubious assumption that trivia is culture. The Steven Spielberg film also... Read More

Film Review: Battle of the Sexes

For most of its 121 minutes, Battle of the Sexes feels like a right-wing parody of feminism. Its chauvinists are shamelessly direct with their contempt for women’s tennis (and often for women doing anything outside... Read More

Film Review: Mother!

Please note: this review contains a number of specific plot details. Mother! is an exhausting allegorical film—sometimes moving, sometimes ridiculous. In truth, it’s more like a nightmare than a metaphor. Everything in it feels both... Read More