Playlist for Black Futures

The band Special Interest is one of many featured in the playlist for Black Futures (photo by Sarah LaReau)

As a resident music nerd at the American Humanist Association (AHA), I’ve been invited to compile a playlist for our Black Futures programing for February. This is a complex task, as there’s SO MUCH music out there to celebrate. This playlist is by no means definitive or exhaustive, but rather a highlight of some personal favorites—in particular, fave tracks from independent/underground/DIY music acts with Black artists that encompass various genres and subgenres of indie, punk, dance, hip-hop, soul, lofi, and more. I also have a soft spot for scenes beyond the mainstream music industry headquarter cities of NYC and LA that get most of the attention. Thus, this playlist is the music I think the future needs more of.

If you enjoy anything from this digital mixtape, please support these artists by purchasing their music and merchandise on their website or Bandcamp, catching their shows when they play in your town, following them on social media, and sharing their music.

View this playlist on Spotify here.