Celluloid Jesus

While humanists eschew Jesus as the divine son of God who died on a cross because Eve got smart and people are prone to suck, we can’t deny that Jesus is having a moment on... Read More

The Family: More Gilead than Godly

When tuning in to Netflix’s five part documentary series The Family—which provides an inside look into the high-powered Christian ministry known as The Fellowship (aka The Family)—viewers can be forgiven for thinking they clicked on... Read More

Good Omens a Not-So-Good Adaptation

As the legislative director and lobbyist for the American Humanist Association, I typically write about public policy, politics, and advocacy. While I love writing about these topics, I felt a change was in order as... Read More

Who Would You Invite to Thanksgiving?

Several years ago at Thanksgiving we asked staff members at the American Humanist Association to share their unique Thanksgiving traditions (see here). Other years we’ve offered a Thanksgiving prayer alternative and non-prayers for the holiday.... Read More