Book Review: Is The Atheist My Neighbor?

In his book Is the Atheist My Neighbor? Rethinking Christian Attitudes toward Atheism, analytic theologian Randal Rauser investigates common prejudices Christians hold about atheists. At the same time, he does a good job of displaying... Read More

Book Review: Faithonomics An Economic Case for Jefferson’s Wall

Torkel Brekke’s Faithonomics: Religion and the Free Market is a solid attempt to frame the role religion plays in societies around the world through the language of economics. The attempt itself is laudable, if only... Read More

Book Review: Hitler’s Religion

BOOK BY RICHARD WEIKART REGNERY, 2016 352 PP. In The Man in the High Castle, Philip K. Dick's dystopian tale of Nazi Germany and the Empire of Japan conquering America, a supremely rational Japanese diplomat listens... Read More