Pinning Your Way to Celebrant Success

Traditionally, thick magazines filled with beautiful ads for dresses, venues, and honeymoon destinations were the go-to advice manuals for the “perfect wedding.” These days, individuals are increasingly turning to online resources for event planning, especially weddings, because there are countless free online resources that are easy to access and extremely customizable.

One popular resource for couples planning a wedding is Pinterest, a virtual scrapbook-like platform that describes itself as “a visual discovery tool that you can use to find ideas for all your interests and projects.”

Many wedding planners use Pinterest to their advantage by advertising examples of beautiful weddings and ceremonies they’ve planned to demonstrate the quality and style of their work to potential clients.

In addition to their websites, humanist celebrants can and should use Pinterest as another advertising resource to promote their secular, personalized ceremonies. Celebrants can save and sort their favorite “pins” by categories, known as boards, to create a diverse and detailed Pinterest page. Examples of “boards” on a humanist celebrants’ page include: Local Wedding Locations, Secular Wedding Vows, Planning Tips, Cakes, Aisle Décor, and so on.

Several humanist celebrants have already developed Pinterest pages chockfull of all things wedding related. Terry Plank, a humanist celebrant from the San Francisco Bay Area in California, includes examples of popular wedding locations on his Pinterest, sorting them into San Francisco Bay weddings, outdoor weddings, coast-side weddings, and more. Donna Forsythe, a humanist celebrant from Pennsylvania, uses her Pinterest to also suggest unique themes and special ceremonies like how to incorporate a handfasting or unity sand ceremony into a wedding. She also has a board with book recommendations for planning and even a board with tips on how to manage children at the wedding. Humanist Celebrant Melissa Smith, based in Asheville, North Carolina, focuses on unique logistics of the wedding day, with boards on ring warming ideas, seating, “everything but the dress,” typography, and more.

With so many gorgeous ideas in tow, Pinterest is a wonderful medium for humanist celebrants to match their own style with that of brides- and grooms-to-be to create a signature style for their very special day.