Swipe Left for Sinners, Swipe Right for Jesus New App Hopes to Become the Tinder for Single Christians

In today’s world, love can be hard to find. Our communities are expanding, there’s less time during the day, and the whole bar-scene romance is old news. But, thanks to technology, love is easy to find online! Just sign up, answer a few questions, and BAM—a database generates the next love of your life! Picking a dating site isn’t easy though. Between Match.com, PlentyOfFish.com, and ChristianMingle.com, how does one know where his/her next great love will be found?

And please, let’s not forget about Tinder.

Oh, how we all know of the prestigious repute of the “dating” app Tinder. You know, the one that makes it easy to swipe away those horrible, ugly matches in hopes of finding that one, true, magical one night stand full of lust, passion, and awkwardness. This is the app that gives you just a small decline of dignity but far more favorable odds of contracting an STD. In fact, it’s the site’s lack of integrity that attacks users such as this young gentleman who gave the app a poor review for having female users with too many expectations:

Used to be cool. This app used to rock! Used to meet girls all the time it was simple, everyone knew we were here for hook ups. Since it became so popular it’s been flooded with high maintenance rich blonde girls “not looking for a hook up” you need to be driving a BMW and be tatted up to your neck or you will not get any matches on here.”

Well, it now seems that the Tinder concept has attracted the new-age God fearing youth. So, in an attempt to cover all the bases with the cool kids, there is a new Christian app on the market for dating. It is called Collide, and yes, it is basically the Jesus worshiper’s equivalent to Tinder. Now Christians can remain faithful to their lord by posting their favorite Bible quotes before engaging in a swipe-fest of vain judgment, eventually randomly hooking up with a stranger.

Created by Steven Rueter, Nelson Wang, and Steven Gaan, the new app is focused on the Christian dating population. Like Tinder, Collide shows you your matches depending on the preferences you have set. Unlike Tinder, Collide filters through users based on denomination as well as location and age. A Collide user is presented with match by showing the match’s photograph and favorite bible quote, which is apparently one of the conditions in which you are supposed to “like” or “pass” on a match.

Before you think to yourself “this doesn’t sound very Christian to me,” keep in mind that the creators of the app are agnostic. It is also important to recognize the way the app market works. It’s a relatively quick way to make a living if the app proves successful, and many app creators will exploit just about anything if they believe it will become popular. Christianity is not immune to the market—it’s just another group of consumers to hunt.

Unfortunately, the app is only available on Apple devices for now. However, if this new app skyrockets into the booty-call stratosphere like I think it will, all you Droid-using Christians will be on your way to love in no time!