Godless Documentary Exposes Secular Discrimination

Many of us know from personal experience that atheists, humanists, and other nonreligious groups face discrimination in the United States. Coming out as a nonbeliever can result in torn families, lost jobs, alienation, broken marriages, and, in some cases, death. A new documentary film in production aims to expose this anti-atheistic bigotry for the harm that it causes. Godless: The Truth Beyond Belief aims to allow secular people from all walks of life and several different countries to share their stories of coming out as nonreligious.

Over the past few decades, misconceptions about atheists seem to have grown at an alarming rate, fueling social stigma towards the nonreligious. This often comes as the result of fearmongering church sermons and workplace rumors that paint the atheistic as law-breaking anarchists with no moral compass to steer them away from murder and mayhem.

Among the interviews filmmaker Micael Langer already has are with Richard Dawkins, evolutionary biologist and bestselling author; Herb Silverman, founder of the Secular Coalition for America; Phil Zuckerman, author of Society without God and Faith No More; Maggie Ardiente, the American Humanist Association’s director of communications; Cenk Uygur, co-founder and host of progressive news program The Young Turks; and Amanda Scott, the summer intern for the Center for Freethought Equality who has previously received threats for her secular billboard in Mobile, Alabama. A second round of to-be-announced interviews are being recorded now and will be announced following their completion.

Godless: The Truth Beyond Belief will help spread awareness of the falsehoods being pumped into American society by evangelicals like Ray Comfort who just recently said of atheists: “They may be nice people when you meet them in the street, but you give them power to do what they want and carry out their own agendas and you’re gonna find that they don’t have any moral high ground to stand on ’cause they’re not standing on any whatsoever.”

The fundraising period for the film is now over with over $70,000 raised in support. You can subscribe to updates concerning the film’s impending completion and release by liking its Facebook page and commenting your personal story and struggles of being secular in a predominantly religious country. We are in this together. Only by being open together about our trials and struggles can we bring anti-secular discrimination to an end.

For more information about Godless: The Truth Beyond Belief view the emotional trailer here or below.

GODLESS-The Truth Beyond Belief from Micael Langer on Vimeo.