BREAKING: Christian Band Disciple to Headline AHA Conference in Denver

This post appeared in our 2015 April Fools’ Day edition.

The American Humanist Association is excited to announce a very special guest scheduled to perform at this years’ 74th Annual Conference: the musical talents of Disciple! Head-banging their way to heaven, these young saints have been rocking the words of God for years and are now melting the hearts and lifting the spirits of freethinkers everywhere.

Lead singer Kevin Young formed the band in 1992 with fellow high school classmates Brad Noah, Adrian DiTommasi, and Tim Barrett. Today the band has eleven studio albums, tours nationally, and their music can be found in every young Christian’s iPod. The band also participates in charity work—by partnering with the evangelical program Operation Christmas Child, the band helps spread the word of God to unchurched youth all around the globe. Making themselves completely accessible to their fans, Disciple also provides forums for Bible study and for others to connect to the Christian community.

Attendees at the AHA conference will have their faces melted by the sweet riffs of songs like “O God Save Us All,” “By God,” or the edgy new hit “Radical.” We dare you to pick just one favorite! And of course, no Christian rock concert would be complete without prayer—Disciple will open their stage for fans to come up and “receive Christ” during the show.

If you aren’t a fan of Disciple yet, you will be! Don’t miss this opportunity to experience God in a way you have never done before, at the AHA 74th Annual Conference in Denver, Colorado, this May!

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