Goodbye, Dave! The Cartoon History of Humanism Signs Off

Well, folks, it looks like Dave’s journey through the “Cartoon History of Humanism” is coming to an end. (And let me just say that we here at are holding back the sad tears.) Written by Dale Debakcsy and inked by his alter ego Count Dolby von Luckner, the series debuted with “Epicurus and the Right to Party” on March 7, 2014, and ran every three weeks to episode 53, “Loyalty in Treason: The Christopher Hitchens Case,” published on April 6, 2017.

The series followed Dave and his cryptic t-shirts as they traveled through time and space talking to all manner of humanist philosophers, activists, heretics, and more. As a child Dave made fun of a passing logical positivist who cursed him to do so until he learned his lesson. Did he? Enjoy the last three panels of Dave’s adventure and let us know if you think he did!