Impeachment-Themed Cocktails

It’s been quite a week here in Washington, DC, as news broke of POTUS, a phone call with Ukraine, a whistleblower complaint, and what appears to be a concerted effort to bury it. To keep spirits up during this troubled time—because even if you feel impeachment proceedings are a long time coming, this is a grave state of affairs—DC bars will soon be announcing their themed cocktails. Here are our suggestions, just in time for happy hour!      


The Whistleblower: straight Ukrainian horilka, best served sweet (like justice)

ImPEACHment: peach sangria

Impeachmint: add some mint to that sangria!

Dirt on Biden: a black Russian using horilka instead of vodka

Quid Pro Quo: reveal damaging info on a political opponent and get a shot of whisky!

The Rude Rudy: a Manhattan with extra bitters and a splash of hot sauce

A Sobering Thought: herbal tea with a dash of honey (to help you sleep through it all)

and two specials (depending on your mood):

Orange Crushed: orange-flavored vodka, triple sec, and squeezed oranges over crushed ice

Pardon Me: gin, tequila, grenadine, orange and lime juice, and a splash of 7-Up