Thank Godfolk It’s Friday! Religious Funnies from around the World

Polite society has long placed taboos on poking fun at religion (not so much with politics anymore). But we here at aren’t afraid to point out how much humor it regularly brings to the world. So, fellow heathens, I bring you the round-up of this week’s comic blessings. Thank Godfolk it’s Friday!

If You Enjoy Being a Follower, Follow This!

Creation Science Study is a must-read blog for those who like their religion jokes in the vein of a supermarket tabloid (think Weekly World News). Their tagline is “We are doing the Lord’s work,” and some of the latest enlightening offerings include, “Michael Jackson is truly of Satan,”Why Christians should oppose Jurassic World,” and “Leonard Nimoy, Hell’s newest resident!”

They discovered that not only is the banana evidence of the existence of God (as memorably demonstrated by Ray Comfort), but that it is also evidence of the existence of Satan because “mankind bred them into bigger, phallic forms,” sans evolution, of course. Darwin Day is really Demon Day, when “atheists get together to worship Darwin, engage in sexually hedonistic actions, and commit hundreds of demonically-inspired shameless acts of depravity that would surprise even the Romans.”

Theology 101: History of THC Religion

You may have heard of Bill Levin’s First Church of Cannabis for people who “smoke religiously,” established in Indiana after the Religious Freedom Restoration Act passed so that the state can no longer “substantially burden a person’s exercise of religion.” But did you know that this is a relatively new interpretation of an older religion? The THC Ministry was founded by Cannabis Sacrament minister Roger Christie in 2000. They believe that “cannabis is the Tree of Life, given to humans by God,” and it’s given by God to “help humans find answers to fundamental questions about the meaning of life and their place in it.”

Jedis Make Use of the Force of the Signature in Turkey

More than six-thousand students at Dokuz Eylül University in Turkey have signed a petition calling for the creation of a Jedi temple in response to more and more mosques being built on university campuses, as announced by the Diyanet, the Turkish Presidency of Religious Affairs last year. The noble followers of Jediism observe the Force, a “ubiquitous and metaphysical power that a Jedi believes to be the underlying, fundamental nature of the universe.” Since 99.8 percent of the Turkish population identified as Muslim on last year’s census, Jedis are an underrepresented religious minority.

Religious Intolerance in the UK – Still Al Dente for Pastafarians

Ian Harris, member of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM) has sent a third appeal against the UK Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) after they refused to allow him to don a colander (considered sacred Pastafarian headwear) in his driver’s license photo. In an article for Telegraph, Harris said: “Who are they to decide which religions are true or valid. Our religion is a minority but the DVLA is discriminating because it allows people who practice major religions to wear head gear in pictures.” Fight on, Ian, you true crusader for religious liberty! Or just move to Poland where FSM is officially recognized as a religion.

To Ted Cruz: God may have granted dominion, but domain names are up to you

Texas Senator and presidential contender Ted Cruz and his campaign staff  need to hire some web and social media experts pronto. He forgot to buy his domain names, so leads to a page that says: “SUPPORT PRESIDENT OBAMA/IMMIGRATION REFORM NOW!” and redirects to Tea Party favorite Rand Paul is also facing some technical difficulties, it seems.

yeezusThe Book of Yeezus – “The Bible for the New Age”

Adoring fans of histrionics, inanity, and Kanye West, you will not want to miss the hottest consumer good to come from Etsy since knitted elephant trunk boxers. The Book of Yeezus is a novelty coffee-table book celebrating “the grandeur of [the] mega-icon” which has been modified to feature “Kanye” or “Yeezus” in the place of God “or Y—A.” Each edition is black, hardcover, and gold-leaf imprinted, making for what the creators call “truly a religious experience.” The book is already backordered, and its creators are asking for buyers’ patience: “Moses walked through the desert for forty years. A few extra days ain’t much.”

Religious Meme of the Week

Religious Meme of the Week