The Best of the Christmas Hate Mail

Yes, it’s that time of year, when humanists and atheists are to blame for starting the fictional “War on Christmas”! While the American Humanist Association usually receives some “hate mail” around the holiday season by virtue of being nonbelievers, we experienced a significant spike in 2013, mainly due to the AHA’s success in stopping two public schools from endorsing the evangelical Christian organization, Operation Christmas Child. Parents with children attending these two schools, one in South Carolina and the other in Colorado, complained to the AHA after discovering that Operation Christmas Child was promoted by the schools’ administrators and staff, students would be expected to help put together boxes during school hours, and incentives were given to students if their class donated the most boxes. The AHA recommended that the schools work with a religiously-neutral organization like Toys For Tots, or a lawsuit would be filed for its unconstitutional endorsement of religion.

After the two schools agreed to end their relationship with Operation Christmas Child, our involvement received national press, including coverage on Fox News’ The Kelly File,, Yahoo!, Associated Press, Religion News Service, and hundreds of local television stations. Then the hate mail began pouring in.

Here are ten of the best Christmas hate emails we got this month! (The text below appears exactly how we received them in the email, capitalized letters and all, with the exception of swear words, which we’ve censored, because HNN is a family publication. We’ve also kindly not included the email writer’s last name, even if they included it in the original email.)


Hate Mail #10: Is Hitler your idol you bunch of child hating jack*****? God Bless, go out and celebrate the birth of Jesus


Hate Mail #9: highland school fund raiser in Colorado are you kidding me? you want them to stop collecting funds and gifts for children? Really? am an attorney in Colorado, considering how I can prevent this. What, you’d rather our children turn to Muslims, who want to kill us. Really?

-Craig R. Esq.

Hate Mail #8: Wow, you hate he who created you so much that you’ve bedded down with Satan himself. I read about your getting a teacher fired over her RIGHT TO PRACTICE HER CHOSEN RELIGION BY PRAYING. Burn in hell, you self-righteous pious a**holes, burn in hell.

-Jaime B.

Hate Mail #7: I can”t believe you sons of b****** would take christmas away from little children. Don’t you idiots realize that the vigilante is going to crash on you’re a** and when it doe’s all hell will break loose! Look up, look down and watch out! (It’s going to happen)!!!!!

-Danny B.

Hate Mail #6: I read the story on Fox news about how your organization threatened a small charter school in South Carolina because they wanted to give Christmas presents to children who needed them. You are a hate group who I hope one day will die an ugly horrible death. My only regret is that I will not be one of the ones who can help provide that opportunity to the world by ridding people like you from our society. I cannot believe an organization like yours would want to harm little children. Unfortunately liberal a** holes like yourself are the reason our country has fallen apart. Like I stated already I hope each and every last one of you die the most horrible deaths the can possibly be imagined. And by the way I will include my email address and my name so if you want to report me for this to your liberal a**hole friends, be my guest.

-Jbaker “Not your Friend”

Hate Mail #5: Just saw Herr Professor Doktor Oberlieutenant Roy Speckhardt on Fox. Like all “humanists”, his real is that NORMAL people don’t worship people like Speckhardt. Well, just keeeeeeeep on pushing around people like me, Speckhardt. One day we’ll say to hell with the ballot box and reach for the cartridge box. Since like all leftists you people believe you’re entitled to rule the rest of us by diktat, you should be unsurprised that at some point people like me will decide to dispend with democratic niceties and point our guns at your faces and say you can leave our country on a boat or in a box, we don’t give a shit.

-Leon M.

Hate Mail #4: I will take a shot .of who you people are? gay and lesbians who never had a nice Christmas. You have no pride in themselves or country. Are you scared? why would you change people’s thoughts on God? leave it the way it is even atheist which my grandfather was still celebrated for family. And country. maybe you found out there is no toothfairy at a late age. So pull the d*** out butts and leave God alone. The best thing you people can do for society going home and kill yourself

-Donnie C.

Hate Mail #3: F*** all of you mother f******. I hope you f****** die. Mind your own business. If I ever meet any of you, I’ll kick your stupid a**. F*** off

-Richard S.

Hate Mail #2: I just came across your website. Please kill yourselves and everyone that follows your s***-eating ideals. Do the world a favor and kill your children as well.

-Monty F.

Hate Mail #1: Have you considered suicide? If not, now would be a grand time. No one will miss you. I can promise you that.

-Michael M.