Winner of the April Photo Caption Contest: God Hates Who?

We received over 75 entries from HNN readers of hilarious suggestions for last week’s Photo Caption Contest; it was tough to pick a winner! But we had to go with the one that made us laugh the hardest.

Photo caption contest!

Congrats to this week’s winner Kevin Neighbors with:

“What God really hates is not being FABULOUS.”

Thanks for entering, Kevin! Email us at to receive a free book of your choice from Humanist Press!

Honorable Mentions:

1. Colin: Curing ignorance one rainbow salsa dance at a time.
2. Deanna Long: Nearly overcome by lust, Martha knew she had to make a new sign: “God Hates Interpretive Dance.”
3. C.S.: Doris realizes she is underdressed.
4. Carl Fritzsche (via email): My god-given wings of hate protect me from your joyful dance.

Thanks again to everyone who entered! Keep reading HNN for another Photo Caption Contest!