Humanist Voices in Verse: “Dear Polar Bears”

This week’s poem is by Elliot X. Hale, a student in the 8th grade at Cazenovia High School in Cazenovia, New York. This poem was submitted by his grandmother and member of the American Humanist Association, Françoise R. Smith, and published as part of a “Climates of Change” poetry contest at Morrisville College in Morrisville, New York.


Dear Polar Bears

Dear polar bears,
Don’t worry, it’s just a liberal scare.
The solar companies just want our money.

Dear ice caps,
It’s just another science trap.
They think it’s Armageddon when it’s sunny.

Dear ozone,
Don’t worry Bill O’Reilly found snow.
He’s so smart.

Dear polar bears,
It’s just a little nippish in the air.
My Hummer can emit gasses ’til it falls apart.

Dear Santa Claus,
WORRY, Fox said there’s a war on Christmas, and all because…