The 10 Most-Read Articles of 2015 published many fantastic articles in 2015 examining news, politics, science, and culture from a humanist perspective—but which pieces were the most popular?

Check out our list of the top ten articles of the year:

10. Why Humanists Are Still Misunderstood: CNN’s Documentary on Atheists in America

By Jessica Xiao | March 30, 2015 (14,803 views)

CNN ran a special in March on nonbelievers in the United States, promising an exposé on “how the other side lives.” Did they fairly portray atheists and humanists?

9. Atheists Have an Anti-Muslim Bigotry Problem

By Trav Mamone | September 28, 2015 (15,359 views)

Humanist blogger Trav Mamone addresses the debate within secular communities about whether or not criticizing Islam is racist.

8. This Sacrilegious House of Cards Scene Even Shocked Some Atheists

By Maggie Ardiente | March 10, 2015 (16,161 views)

Did you watch the new season of the Netflix political drama House of Cards? You may want to brace yourself for what happens.

7. Religious Vandalism, Prank, or Hate Crime?

By Jason Heap | January 20, 2015 (16,643 views)

A billboard sponsored by the Atheists of Butte County in Chico, California, was vandalized for the third time. Does this constitute a hate crime?

6. Stop Applauding the Pope: A Word on the Misguided Praise from Progressives

By Matt Cerami | June 22, 2015 (19,287 views)

What’s good about the pope? Contributor Matt Cerami criticizes praise given to Pope Francis for his progressive comments on climate change.

5. Want To Help End Systemic Racism? First Step: Drop the White Guilt

By Sincere Kirabo | April 27, 2015 (21,008 views)

Sincere Kirabo argues that humanists must work to end systemic racism by encouraging others to make a real effort toward humanizing all people.

4. Is Islam Violent? The Answer Isn’t as Simple as Many Think

By Timothy Rowe | March/April 2015 Humanist magazine (23,541 views)

Philosophically speaking, Timothy Rowe compares Islam to a road with an unsafe corner. While most of the 1.5 billion people traveling on it are good drivers with mechanically sound cars, not all of them are.

3. Bill Nye and Amy Schumer: No, the Universe Is Not Trying to Tell You Something

By Meghan Hamilton | June 1, 2015 (25,145 views)

In a hilarious video from Inside Amy Schumer, 2010 Humanist of the Year Bill Nye “The Science Guy” sets the record straight about whether or not the universe is intervening in the everyday lives of humans.

2. Hey, Trevor Noah—We Don’t All Need a God

By Jessica Xiao | April 2, 2015 (28,029 views)

Trevor Noah has replaced Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, but his past comments on Twitter, which may or may not have been jokes, show bias against atheists.

1. Savior? Shaman? Myth? Ink Blot? Why Christianity’s Main Man Remains so Elusive

By Valerie Tarico | January/February 2015 Humanist magazine (34,219 views)

A journalist, a mythicist, a Jesus agnostic, and a New Testament scholar walk into a bar… actually, it’s a fascinating four-way interview exploring various theories about Jesus and the stories that immortalize him.