Humanism is Love

By Maggie Ardiente
With Todd Stiefel

I’ve known freethought activist and The Humanist Hour podcast co-host Todd Stiefel for some years now, and I’m always impressed by his optimistic outlook and hope for the future of humanism and the freethought movement.

Last year in Raleigh, North Carolina, Todd spoke at the State Capitol grounds along with AHA executive director Roy Speckhardt, Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science policy director Sean Faircloth, and Asheville City Councilmember Cecil Bothwell at a National Day of Reason event organized by the Triangle Freethought Society.

I was very impressed by Todd’s message of love—that humanists, atheists, and other freethinkers should take a page from the LGBT movement and emphasize the love and compassion that humanism can bring to the world. At a time when we all (myself included) find ourselves focusing on the negative—being anti-god or anti-religion—Todd’s speech was a reminder to me that we can win more friends and less enemies by focusing on love rather than hate.

With Todd’s permission, I share his excellent points on how humanism is love. This Valentine’s Day, feel free to share this with your loved ones!

Humanism is Love

By Todd Stiefel

Humanism is real love—love without supernatural deities.

Humanism is good love—love that encourages good for goodness sake.

Humanism is the love of life—love that increases happiness.

Humanism is love with freedom—love without servitude to masters and scripture.

Humanism is love with integrity—love with honesty, fairness and accountability.

Humanism is love with reason—love embracing inquiry, education and science.

Humanism is benevolent love—love that rejects killing, terror, and damnation.

Humanism is equal love—love that welcomes everyone equally

Humanism is the love of the future—love that is growing quickly.

Humanism is love now—love we can enjoy during our lifetimes.


Maggie Ardiente is the development and communications director for the American Humanist Association. She also serves as editor of Humanist Network News.